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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning, today is the first day of winter but you would never know it stepping outside. more on the warm weather moving in and the rain coming along with t. >> also, a well known philadelphia doctor found dead inside a center city hotel. the bizarre circumstances around his death. >> i know where she went. discusting. i don't want to talk about it. >> donald trump in trouble for some controversial comment he made about hillary clinton last night. where the republican frontrunner talking has everyone talking. good morning, it is tuesday, december 22, i'm erika von tiehl a look at the roads with katie and meisha a so warm, i can't believe it. >> certainly warm. i did see some raindrops on
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the way as i was driving in this morning, but the roads looking pretty good. just dealing with overnight construction. katie, what's in store? wet or dry? >> looks like half the day will feature wet weather for sure. looks like the first half of the day. see bit of green over my shoulder, storm scan stating to light up. little activity to report. really light rain. we will get to that in a second. first off we take to you "skycam 3", pretty decent visibility right now, you can see if you look closely though one loan raindrop on the camera hens, some of the light rain beginning to fall for us out there, thankfully as meisha said not terribly affecting the roadways yet. but i think it might as the morning progresses, you can see why, heavier batches, heavier pocket out there along portions of 81, traveling westbound on the pa turnpike there, so some that far is going to be rolling into our area as we zoom things around here, and put things into motion, a lot of clouds, so, that blanket of cloud cover has helped us stay pretty mild this morning. but, again, you will be dodging some raindrops as the morning goes on, especially if
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your travels take you west in the next hour or two. meanwhile, look at the difference in temperatures, we are 18 to 19 degrees warmer since this same time yesterday. in philly and in trenton respectfully, and, you know, around the region as a whole, just milder morning. how does that actually translate to the thermometer? snot bad. pair of five's at the airport, warmer morning but again kind of dreary day that we're look being g ahead to here. in terms of timing generally this morning, into early this afternoon, we will have the bulk of any wet weather. it is just light rain, not going to be flooding situation by any stretch. but umbrella isn't the worse idea. meantime look at the temperatures, low 60s the expectation, we start to see few peaks of sunshine later off this and. no meisha over to you. >> you can't complain about wearing nice easy going fall jacket in december, katie. >> versus winter parka, right? >> i'll take the rain jacket, thank you. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. so we do have some overnight construction still in play, we
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typically do in the 4:00 hour. a lot will move out of the way. what you are looking at some construction, 59 south between allegheny and girard, right lane compromised. i'll let you know when that clears, looks like starting to now, but you can still see the flashing lights out there. fifty-nine south gets fairly busy even moving into the 5:00 hour. make note of that. the vine st., new path here, for those every you on the vine street expressway exiting onto broad you can still do so, just won't be exiting from the right lanas you have been used to, now he can the g far left lane, between eighth and broad street. so just make note of. that will you can still exit from the vine onto broad street i actually took that this morning. ninety-five north off ramp to cottman closed and closed until right around 5:00 a.m. again, i'll let you know when it does open. more construction in new jersey, route 42, northbound and southbound, between route 55 and 295, three lanes are blocked until 5:00 a.m. erika, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. philadelphia police are working on murder investigation at center city hotel. sources tell "eyewitness news", the victim was a well
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known doctor. our justin finch joins us now at police headquarters with the latest on this investigation. justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, police say the victim likely not alone in his last moments alive. now they are work to go find out who was last with him. behind the walls of the roadway inn mysterious monday morning death a man found dead inside a fifth floor hotel room. guests were allowed to check in but say roadway staff and homicide detective were tight-lipped. >> lady at the front desk acted like she didn't know anything. then the police just said they were investigating a crime but they said it was safe. >> sources tell "eyewitness news" that the deceased 57 year old man, psychiatrist with a office near the nn with stands on the 1200 block of walnut. >> surprising, in this neighborhood for sure. >> we're told the man was found choked by something tight around his neck, perhaps belt or clot. at first sources say that signalled co-have been engaged
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in what's called auto erotic asphyxiation, a secretary act in which the practitioner effect their own air supply. now police are pursuing this as murder investigation with a possible motive of robbery. and no word at this time on what if anything was stolen, police are reviewing hotel and surveillance records to sigh who was in that area at the time this man passed away. live as police headquarters, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. >> west philadelphia man walking his dog was shot and killed monday night. it happened just before 7:30 on the 300 block of horton street in the city's carol park section. police say the man described as in his 20's was shot once in the head. >> when the neighbors saw him laying on the sidewalk, he still was holding the leash in his hand and the dog was attached. so although he was unconscious and laying on the sidewalk, he was still holding onto his dog leash. so he obviously was walking his dog when he was shot.
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>> the victim was taken to pen presbyterian medical where he was later pronounced dead. police have no suspect or motive at this time. >> we're learning more about the woman suspected of driving her car into pedestrians along the las vegas strip. police say that prior to the sunday night crash, lakeisha holloway had been living in her car with her three year old daughter. police still don't know what led holloway to allegedly drive on to the sidewalk killing one person and injuring more than three dozen other. >> a new york city police detective is among six american troops killed by suicide bomber in afghanistan. new york city police commissioner, bill brat on, says detective joseph was 15 year veteran of the force. the american service members were stopped at a local meeting point yesterday while on patrol with local forces. suicide bomber drove a motorcycle packed with explosives into that group. the taliban took credit for the attack, which happened near the bag ram airfield, the largest up the s military base in afghanistan.
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three members of the colwyn borough company are waking up behind bars, charged with stealing funds from their own firehouse, elizabeth, and her daughter, lauren, turned themselves in last night. prosecutors say, that they, along with fire chief, gary bryce, stole more than $50,000. authorities allege the three wrote themselves checks and made cash withdrawals. >> we do believe we have sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt each and every element of the charges that we've lodged today. >> authorities say they got wind of the alleged theft after borough manager paula brown alerted them. 4:37. there is now one less republican candidate in the race for the white house. lindsay gram ended his presidential campaign yesterday. the south carolina senator made the announcement in a video, saying he remains focused on bolstering our national security, gram had trouble gaining support in the polls after entering the contest in june.
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trump making controversial things about hillary clinton. attack her in vulgar terms during campaign event in michigan last night. he ice add colorful word to describe her lost to barack obama in the 2008 presidential race. >> she was going beat obama. i don't know who would be worse? i don't know. how does it get worse? but she was going to beat, she was favored to win, and she got (beep) lost, lost. >> trump also started to talk about clinton's bathroom break during the last democratic debate but stopped saying it was, quote, just too discusting to talk about. >> former first daughter chelsey clinton shares a big announcement on social media. she tweeted picture of her daughter yesterday writing quote next summer charlotte's going to be a big sister, feeling very blessed and grateful this holiday season. both bill and hillary clinton tweeted that they're excited about their second grandchild. still ahead this morning here on "eyewitness news", the warmer than normal weather has
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meant slow start to the flu season, but not in the clear just yet. when health experts expect to see more cases and how you can keep yourself healthy. and looks like that warm weather is not going to go anywhere either. more on the temperatures moving in for the first day of winter and also the rain moving in over the next couple of days. we'll be right back.
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>> warmer weather means slow start to the flu season but doctors say still need to be prepared. flu season could get kick start with the holidays as we spend more time in close contact with friends and family. the pennsylvania physician general went over some preventive measures such as getting vaccinated. >> but it doesn't mean that the flu isn't here and going to continue to come. so we want people to remain concerned, vigilant, and we want people to get their flu vaccine. >> doctors say now is the time to get the flu shot t takes about two weeks to provide
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protection, and they are expect to go see more cases of the flu in january. so, hey, little perk that the flu season not quite here yet because of the warm weather, and the warm weather. >> exceptional, especially by the time we hit christmas eve, that's the day that is just going to blow you away. >> just wait. >> you won't need your coat. >> rain today, though? >> rain today. actually for the the next few days, not talking about sunny and warm, talking about some unsettled weather to go along with this, series every fronts that comes along with that, the whole reason it is happening in the first place, in terms of the exceptional warmth, due to el nino, driver of the weather pattern for us. in november, when we had another above average month, now as we go back in time here, just through the last couple of weeks here not sickle day with even average, every day this month, has been above the norm, so yes, we will easily make the top five. >> this may actually end up being the warmest december we've ever recorded, and it won't be all that difficult to do, considering some of these
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departures. you have been 22, 24 degrees above average for multiple days at a time. so a very, very warm set up for us here. and that keeps oncoming. now, typically, in a wintery pattern, you would maybe see some other pretty colors out here, if you had a storm approaching or front approaching, just rain, way too warm for anything but that. even back through some of the highest terrain in western pa, that's a little atypical too. but do expect to see light rain primarily through the first half of the day, through this morning, early afternoon at the latest, then it should start to dry out later on. also see pretty nasty thunderstorms ee runlet g down across the deep south. won't have to deal with any thunder, but could trip you up as the morning commute prague row cents specially moving into delaware and new jersey with time. fifty-five currently at the airport, mild obviously, but look at charleston out in advance of the cold front. 70 degrees, whew, just blows my mind. this is the beginning, folks, this isn't even as warm as it lend up for us. so 62 is our expected high
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today. watch for the light rain first half of the date. tonight, probably shower, clouds, patchy fog, obviously mild at 52 degrees. this is the good stuff. check this out. six a tomorrow. that will at least flirt with the record. be a degrees shy of it. see how we do. but thursday, exceptional. we shatter that record by ten solid degrees. will likely still have couple of showers if not thunderstorm around, but things are clearing out, and looking pretty nice actually for christmas day. erika, back to you. >> just can't believe that this is the week of christmas, cathy. >> unreal. >> talking sports, exciting night in local college football tonight when the temple out take on toledo. just fifth bowl appearance in owl's history. coach matt rhule and the team making the most of it, the owls go into the game with ten wins, and they face toledo team with a lot of offensive weapons. temple all american and defensive player of the year, tyler; ready. >> myself, a lot of these other guys, haven't had a chance to experience a bowl.
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so definitely something special. something i will always remember. >> i mean, they've all bled together, all sweated together and worked together, and i couldn't be more grateful. so after that game win, lose or draw that will be an emotional moment for me. >> kick off is 7:00 tonight. good luck, guys. the flyers have a nice holiday vacation. they are off for the next five days after come back win at the well. the flyers scrambled back from a three-one deficit. wayne simmons had two goals including power play goal that tied the game in the third period. the flyers win with a little more than three minute left in regulation. flyers win this one, four-three, next up, anaheim on saturday night. >> sunday night's prime time disaster behind them, trying to concentrate on saturday night match up with washington. e birds face the nfc east leaders in prime time. the eagles say they had to move on and improve their defense, cardinals scored 40 points against the eagles, and the third time this season the defense has allowed that many points.
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two games left. do-or-die situation. so, you know, next week is a big game. if you don't win that, then it won't be good for us. >> season comes down to this one game. win and the eagles have a chance to win the nfc east, lose, and the birds are eliminated. make sure you're here for it, eagles in washington saturday night at 8:00 here on cbs-3. we'll get you ready with the pre show at 7:00. still ahead, more bad news for the restaurant chain chipotle, the newest outbreak of e-coli that's in your money watch report. first though here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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has coverage options for just $9.95 a month. your rate is locked in and can never go up. and your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. see how much coverage you can get for just $9.95 a month. call now for your free information kit. ♪ ññ >> police found a well known psychiatrist dead inside a hotel. the 75 year old victim had a belt around his neck.
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police are searching for the person responsible for shooting and killing a west philadelphia man. the victim was walking his dog when the shooting happened in the city's carol park section last night. police have no motive. and, donald trump is in hot water for controversial comments made about democratic competitor hillary clinton. donald trump attack hillary clinton in vulgar terms during campaign event in michigan last night. he used a colorful word to describe her lost to barack obama in 2008. and called her bathroom break during the democratic debate discusting. >> 4:49 right now. time for check on your business news with money watch's hena daniels, joins us from new york, hena, more problems for the fast-food chain hip coal tee. another outbreak. good morning. >> that's right, another report of e-coli cases linked to the chain. in this latest outbreak, there are five reported cases. the customers ate at restaurant in two state, kansas and oklahoma the illnesses started last month, it is not clear if this is
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linked to larger outbreak that began in october or at least 53 people got sick in nine states, erika? >> hena, also, last minute gift purchased and wrapped, but some people apparently already thinking about returning their gift? what's going on? >> that's right. new report finds shoppers return approximately $70 billion worth of purchases gifted to them during the holidays, that's more than 10% of total retail revenue expected for this year. now, among the most returned gift, overly fancy jewelry, olive oil, and anti-aging products. erika? >> okay, i'll take all of those things, they're fabulous gifts, jewelry, olive oil. >> even the olive oil. >> i know, come on, people, hena, thanks so much. see you later this morning. >> coming up after the break, a check on traffic and weather together on
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>> the latest on our forecast. >> ninety-first half of the day looks like the wettest half of the day. we are tracking our frontal boundary, even as we speak, hint of active tip to report out there on storm scan3, generally light rain, finding currently over spreading southeastern pennsylvania anyway actually now crossing over over the delaware river in toward trenton. really light drizzle for the most part. you do have strictly clouds, pretty much everywhere else, but i do think everybody will stand a fair chance to see some of the light rain move n primarily though as we said for the morning t looks like it might link near the very early hours of the afternoon. but then, start to taper off completely. not talking a ton of rain here guys. enough to slow you down probably but couple of tents of an inch at max through the course of the whole thing. seven day forecast is where it is at looking for warm skies, check out christmas eve, the record smashing day for us by solid 10 degrees we think in fact, and beat that record, flirting with record no less tomorrow, and keeping those 60s around even for christmas day. eagles play game saturdayment looks like it will be pretty
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mile one, shower chance for us there, as warmfront begins to lift n but every day of this forecast, even monday, the coolest day of the batch here still substantially above average by at least 9 degrees. so, really, really exceptional warmth. will just keep ongoing for us, meisha? >> every time we look at thursday it just keeps going up and up and up. seventy-four, what? i thought i was read that wrong. >> off the charts. >> good morning, happy tuesday, no complaints here whatsoever about 74 on thursday. i will tell that you much. ninety-five north, off ramp to cottman, still closed, it says that it should be opening upright around 5:00 a.m. but as you can see plenty of flashing light here. doesn't look like they're moving quite yet. update coming up. for those of you coming from jersey head be westbound over the ben franklin bridge looking nice, looking very nice, and quiet, the roadways are dry right now. the vine, the westbound lanes, just opened, eastbound is still closed, and for those every you on the vine street expressway, trying to get onto
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broad street, you can still exit onto broad street, although not exiting from the far right lane like you are used to now the left lane. keep that in mind. i will let you know when that opens that broad street i just talk about between eighth and broad. some construction 295 south between route 30 and route 42, left lane block, again, right around 5:00 a.m. so this should be all opening and clearing soon. i'll let you know it does. more construction for up, route 42 northbound and southbound, between route 295 in new jersey, three lanes blocked, three lanes, only one open right now. again, until five a.m. and going to another disable vehicle that we have here, 95 north, at route 896, newark, delaware, one lane is blocked there, erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. (right now 4:55, time to get a check on stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. athletes from delaware university injured in deadly accident on the lag vaguest
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strip, returning to school today. also, the court of judicial discipline is hearing arguments on whether supreme court justice michael eakin should be suspended during his judicial conduct violation investigation. >> and, the historic falls bridge will get band aid fix over the next few months, but it still needs multi-million dollar overhaul down the road. check in two, three, four times a day "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> it has been nearly a year since a south philadelphia woman was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. we'll tell you how a neighborhood plans to honor her later today. also, ahead, her death sparked national outrage. now, a grand jury has decided about charges in part of the sandra bland case. that update whether we come back at the top of the hour as you look live right now at love park on a warm tuesday morning. katie has your forecast when
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, winter is here, but jack frost is know where to be found. live look right now at love park in center city. love seeing that tree all lit up. justin it, won't be the only thing they'll feel like they're rosing this week. we're in for some record setting week. katie has the details. >> also, wall every wetness moving across the country. that massive system stretching from the gulf to the great lakes, and it will bring some rain our way today. good morning, it is tuesday, december 22, i'm erika von tiehl. katie outside on the skydeck. meisha keeping an eye on the roads. if you have fabulous hair lie katie, you may want to bring an umbrella today, right? >> stop it. >> well, that could be true. did i see some water kicking up on the windshield this
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morning. so just wondering, katie, a lot of the overnight construction moving out of the way. everything looking good, but can our morning commuters expect rain? >> i would say yes. i would just say expect that you might have to flick the windshield wipers once, twice, did i when came out on the skydeck, i put my hand out, do i really need the umbrella? nothing coming down on my location, we go to localized zoom, you will see some green starting to over spread the region here specially back through the north and west most suburbs. this will continue to basically take over the map in the next couple of hours. not talking about excessive rain, guys, it is light rain. very likely only looking at few tents of an inch in total out of it, but it is warm outside. that's the other big headliner, currently in the 50's in philly, i95 on east, and we will warm up more than we did yesterday. expectations mid to low 60s down the shore, philly, poconos, even 52 for up, that's very, very mild. but watch for the light rain. pretty much anywhere specially for the first half of the day, ul


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